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Maintenance Day and a Typical Task List Example

Putting 'U' in 'Your Club'

Wish you could somehow justify sneaking out of the house to get away from home chores on a Saturday morning once a month?

Why not come down to the club and help out for just a few hours on the second Saturday of each month?

And there is an endless supply of coffee and tea, and often the odd bun or biscuit, too!  ...not to mention the laughs at the antics of some of the more, erm, 'lively' (cheeky) members there! ...and meanwhile the club benefits.

Between 9am and 12 noon on the third Saturday of every month (occasionally subject to change in special circumstances) members get together at the club to sort out what needs to be done to keep the clubhouse and range running smoothly, cleanly and safely.
We DO have one of the best ranges in southern England and we aim to keep it that way - but can only do so with your help!

Don't worry if it's raining or cold or windy; there are always tasks to be done both outdoors AND indoors.

Interested?! Good!
Take a peek at the task list on the club's bulletin board and pop along on our next Maintenance Day. No special skills required!
Most of the tasks are not 'heavy' or onerous.

A number of tasks recur regularly (though infrequently) such as cleaning the lead out of the butts. On the other hand, some tasks are more rare and 'lightweight', i.e. a bit of paint here and there; some are more regular but lightweight, such as a spot of hoovering to keep the clubhouse looking smart, comfortable, clean and welcoming.

So even if you can only push a broom a bit or use a damp rag, the range always benefits from a sweep and most all surfaces benefit from a dusting or damp wiping.
It's also a great way to get to know other club members better!

We won't try to rub it in too much that Club Rules do state that it is the obligation of every club member to spend just one Saturday morning per year to help with these tasks. The tasks tend to be completed by the same few stalwart members who turn up regularly, and to whom the rest of the club membership owe a huge debt of gratitude.

Don't be embarrassed if you haven't been before, just come along and join in. You will be made welcome. It's not difficult and it doesn't last long.

It's surprising how the time flies when you're laughing at all the banter and leg-pulling going on between other members. And if you show up to help, you can't be the butt of our jokes!  :o)

But seriously, you may well also have a certain specialist skill (that we don't know about) that would really help the club a lot and maybe save the club money from having to hire a specialist.

The Hon Sec usually posts a list of the current jobs on the General Information Bulletin Board in the clubhouse, so please take a look and volunteer for a task - you will get help if the task requires more than one.

We do find that tasks get done a lot quicker if individuals volunteer for a specific task - and others will help you if necessary - rather than just turning up for 'something'.

BUT 'turning up for something' is better than not turning up at all!

And if a task requires a special tool or materials, when we know the task can be begun on a specific day, then we will ensure that the required tools and materials (and help, if necessary) will be there.

Here are a few of the jobs that are typically on theMaintenance Task List (in no particular order of priority)...

Clear debris from the rain gutters and downpipes.
Remove dirt and debris from the car park surface and edges.
Cut and tidy the hedge by the car park.
Strim the grass and pull up weeds around the clubhouse and range.

Wet mop the range floor (every 3-4 months).
Clean the kitchenette and loo areas.
Wet wipe all surfaces in the range, gun and club room (ongoing - quarterly).
Hoover carpets in the club room, gun room, and range (ongoing).
Shampoo the soft furnishings/furniture.
Remove the lead from the butts (ongoing - annually).

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