2004 Annual Shooting Awards

The 2004 annual club shooting competition trophies for all disciplines were presented following the club's Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Congratulations to all members who won and particularly to all members who took part. These are competitions held both internally within the club and some externally with other clubs and regions.

Please talk to your pistol captain, rifle captain or club secretary Patrick Twomey for more information if you would like to enter shooting competitions.

There is no limit to the number you can enter, subject to entry conditions, which vary depending on the specific competition - i.e. some are for novices only, some are for women only.

Shooting in a competition is a very good way to learn and put into practise the disciplines needed for top notch shooting. Pistol, target rifle, gallery rifle and sporting rifle all take slightly different skills, so by entering two, three or more categories, you can double or treble your chance of hosting a trophy at home for a year.

All trophies are 'travelling trophies', so the winner keeps them temporarily for one year and then returns it to the club so that it can be engraved with the name of the next year's winner.

The 2004 awards are as follows:

Internal Pistol Competitions for 2004

Black Powder Pistol Champion winning the Black Powder Revolver Cup was Ian Meikle (2003 winner, Bill Lamboure).

Junior Pistol Champion winning the Junior Pistol Cup was won by Charlie Baker (2003 winner, Theo Turton).

Ladies Pistol Champion winning The Diamond Jubilee cup was won by Emily Harbour (Emily was also the 2003 winner).

Novice Pistol Champion winning The The Chinnor Cup was won by George East (2003 winner, Patrick Twomey).

Pistol Champion winning The Pistol Cup was won by Patrick Twomey (Patrick was also the 2003 winner).

Pistol Own Start winning The Alan Smith Cup was Clive Hawkins (2003 winner was Ian Meikle).

Pistol Rapid Fire winning The Tustin Challenge Cup was Patrick Twomey (2003 winner was Shaun Twomey).

Mixed Discipline Competition for 2004

Club Champion winning the Michael Smith Cup, is Shaun Twomey (2003 winner was Ian Meikle).

Internal Rifle Competitions for 2004

Gallery Rifle winning The Gallery Rifle Cup is Mike Broadhurst (2003 winner was Martin Finke).

Junior Challenge Trophy winning The Tustin Juniors Cup is George East (2003 winner was Olly Shriver).

Ladies Rifle Champion for the Ladies Rose Bowl - No Entry.
Note: C'mon all you lady members, why not try for this cup in the 2004 comps?!

NSRA Challenge Trophy winning The NSRA Challenge Trophy is Shaun Twomey (2003 winner was Allan Shriver).

Novice Rifle winning The Frank Firth Cup is Patrick Twomey (2003 winner was Allan Shriver).

Precision Sporting Rifle Off-Hand winning The Sporting Rifle Precision Cup is Henry Baker (2003 winner was Colin Cook).

Rifle Knock-Out There were no 2004 entries for The Freeman Bass Cup (the 2003 winner was Cyril Parslow).

Senior Challenge Cup winning The Fanshawe Cup is Bryon Grace (2003 winner was Allan Shriver).

Sporting Rifle Rapid Off-Hand winning The Sporting Rifle Cup is also Henry Baker (2003 winner was Colin Cook).

The Jubilee Cup winning The Alan Ede Jubilee Cup is Stuart Roberts (2003 winner was Cyril Parslow).

Again, congratulations to all winners and participants, and good luck to all for the coming year's comps.

REMEMBER - Although most members wait until the last month or two of the year to start shooting entries for these competitions, you may well fare better if you start earlier - i.e. at any time during that calendar year.

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