CRPC 2007 Centenary Events

At 100 years old, the Chinnor Rifle and Pistol Club (CRPC) is one of the oldest shooting clubs in Britain, with an official charter dated 7th May 1907. 

As such, we have some of the most up-to-date and comprehensive facilities in the country. We are affiliated with a number of national shooting organisations such as the NRA, NSRA, MLAGB and others (see web links at the bottom of the homepage).

To mark our 100th birthday, we held three events. Some members have left photos from these events in a photo album at the clubhouse if you would like to see them.


Firstly, on Tuesday May 1, we held a celebratory Centenary Shoot at the clubhouse in which many members dressed in circa 1900s Edwardian attire of suits, ties and hats. A number of former members also attended and shot a competition 'Good Luck' target.

About 60 members attended and had fun - young and old, novice and experienced, men and women, boys and girls.

The Good Luck Target is a recognised target comprising a square of a mix of random numbers. It is specially designed so that novices have an equally even chance of winning even against experienced skilled shooters. Three monetary prizes were awarded to the top three best scores.

We rounded off the evening with soft drinks and a marvellous special birthday cake, topped with a '100' in sparklers. 


Secondly, about 18 members travelled by car in convoy to the NRA National Shooting Centre at Bisley for its Open Day on Saturday May 5, including a couple of non-shooting members as observers. At Bisley we were treated to a wide variety of shooting disciplines as trials, including air rifle, sporting rifle, 'running boar' and 'running deer' target shooting, black powder muzzle-loading pistol shooting and prone full-bore target shooting over target distances from 100 to 1000 yards.

Special interest groups were also represented such as the Lee Enfield Rifle Association (LERA) and Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association (HBSA). These organisations displayed many historical firearms and in some cases made some .303cal and .308cal historical rifles available for trial shooting at 300-yard targets on the day.

Clay pigeon shooting can also be tried on the day at Bisley.

Bisley runs two Open Days per year (spring and autumn), so another club trip to Bisley may well take place in about September or October at the next Open Day. Please talk to your club member friends if you would like to join us. It's a great day out.


Our last organised event was an evening hog roast dinner on Saturday July 7 at the club house. About 70 members and past members attended and were treated to delicious roast pork rolls and a wide variety of salads, plus a cash bar. As the weather could not be relied upon, we borrowed tables and chairs for seating in the range itself. A number of members contributed raffle prizes for the evening as a bit of light diversion and fun. This was a non-shooting event, so whole families attended and brought friends, too.

This was the first time that we used the range itself as a social venue. It was suggested by a number of people that since the evening seemed to go so well, that we may well consider future events at the clubhouse. Some may be self-catered informal events. If you would like to support an annual summer picnic, BBQ or hog roast (or similar event), please make your views known to the committee or talk to the Desk Officer or Range Conducting Officer the next time you are at the club.

In honour of our 100th year, the committee has authorised the design of a new club logo (see banner above). It has also purchased a supply of enamelled lapel pins (two fastening types available, both 1.25inches or 32mm diameter) and embroidered patches (for your shooting jacket or bag) measuring 3 inches or 72mm in diameter. All at affordable prices. Also please see club secretary Patrick Twomey if you would like to order a sweatshirt (colour choice available) with the new logo embroidered directly on it.

Centenary cake to mark '100' with fireworks.

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